Thursday, 1 May 2014


I spent the last week in Greece, hanging out at the Michelangelo Resort and Spa. Mummy decided a dissertation break was more than needed and as she conveniently had a week booked off work we hopped on a plane on Tuesday evening. 

Four hours later and a very easy journey (despite the horribleness of Ryan Air - I am all for cheap airlines but EasyJet all the way!!) we had champagne in hand and headed to find our room. 
It was gorgeous, in the best possible place with views out over the infinity pool and sea beyond, a huge kingsize bed and all the extras we might need. 

We awoke the next day to the most beautiful sunrise and knew that a little trip to the sunshine was the absolute best decision we could have made! 

We began each day with breakfasts of fresh fruit, crepes made by my favourite chef, fresh orange juice and an array of breads and yummy pastries. I woke up excited for breakfast each day! 

Days were spent exploring the different pools around the small and well kept resort. The infinity pool was by far our favourite with views out to the sea and mountains. Despite it only being April, the weather was great, reaching 27 degrees on some days so we definitely could not complain and spending time soaking up the sun, reading and finding time for the occasional bits of uni work was a pretty perfect way to spend a week! 

The cocktail list definitely helped and as we had booked to be all inclusive for the duration of the week it really was our oyster! 

The resort itself had everything we needed. A private beach, indoor spa, gardens and attentive staff. The food was fab and even with the crazy storm that we had towards the end of the week with its bright blue fork lightening we couldn't have asked for much more. And the only way I can tell you how happy we were there is by revealing that we actually didn't leave the resort (and barely left our sun beds!) for the whole week that were there and exploring is normally top of both mine and mummy's to do list when on holiday. 

Sunshine, dipping in the pool, cocktails, brown skin… take me back already?

Michelangelo Resort: 

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